November Turkey Disguise

Family Homework


Dear families,

Tom Turkey does not want to be eaten on Thanksgiving Day!  Brainstorm together some fun ways to disguise him so the farmer can’t find him when it’s time for dinner.  Cut out the enclosed turkey and mount him on cardboard or heavy paper.  Be creative and use any materials you want.  Then work together to write a few sentences about his disguise and how he manages his escape!  Some ideas for disguising your turkey may include football players, Elvis, hula dancers, snowman, peacock, penguin, Superman, pilgrim, clown, etc.  The ideas are endless.   Check our class website for example pictures (K/1 combo link).  Please return your completed project by Tuesday, November 18th.   When your Tom Turkey is incognito, he will hide out on the hallway board.  Be sure to title your writing with your family name and identify of your turkey.  Example:  “The Araujo Family’s Ballerina Turkey”.  Have fun!